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Starting from small food stall at Surabaya University in 1993, Primarasa Restaurant, which was originally side business, has then evolved into catering service and become favorite restaurant in Surabaya.


Primarasa currently has five restaurants in 2 cities: Surabaya and Semarang, and soon will be serving customers in Jakarta.


The signature dish of Primarasa Restaurant is "ayam bakar Primarasa" - special grilled chicken with various secret spices which have received lot of recognitions from famous celebrities, public figures, organizations, and institutions both from within and outside the country.


Moreover, based on the recent survey released by international independent survey institution in China, Primarasa was re-elected as one of the most favorite restaurants in East Java, whose capital city is Surabaya. In the era of digitalization, Primarasa aspires to be able to serve its customers through digital technology with the ease of access to the internet.


In the future, Primarasa wants to implement delivery service, which can be ordered from website and mobile application, so whenever customers want to enjoy Primarasa taste, just click from Primasa website or tap the order screen in Primarasa mobile application.